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  21、To make members of a team perform better, the trainer first of all has to know their ___and weaknesses.

  A. strengths B. benefits C. techniques D. values

  解析:第15课(P68)第四个单词及第36课(P166)第二个单词分别为weak 和strong,通过课堂上老师所讲解的词根和词缀的联想记忆,学生是不可能忽视weakness 和strength两个重点词汇的,strengths and weaknesses用以表示一个人的优势和弱势,所以答案选A,而在第七课(P36)的单词中及第80课(P373)练习中分别出现了valuable 及benefit,所以不难排除B和D。

  22、One of the best ways for people to keep fit is to_____ healthy eating habits.

  A. grow B. develop C. increase D raise

  解析:第59课(P272)出现一个重要句子:Since then, he has developed another bad habit.与本题考点正好吻合,显而易见,这里的B就是正确答案。

  23、The ____on his face told me that he was angry.

  A. impression B. sight C. appearance D. expression

  解析:在二册每一篇课文的词汇表上都会出现expression这个单词。此外,在59课(P272)的词汇中出现了press,且在84课(P386)出现了pressure,这便会使老师自然扩展到对pressure、expression及impression三个词的辨析,同时sight出现在第30课(P142)最后一个单词,appearance 来自于第17课(P76)的第一个生词appear, 通过二册的学习,我们知道只有expression有 表情 的意思,故不难得出正确答案D。

  24、At the meeting they discussed three different ____ to the study of mathematics.

  A. approaches B. means C. methods D. ways

  解析:第65课(P296)单词中出现approach, means, 老师在讲解中不可避免地会涉及到大纲必考词汇approach, method, way的用法。此外,第5课课文的最后一句话以及难点讲解(P30)也出现了 in this way ,答案A便不难得出,因为只有approach才同介词to相搭配,其余选项均和介词of搭配。

  25、It s already 10 o clock. I wonder how it____ that she was two hours late on such a short trip.

  A. came over B. came out C. came about D. came up

  解析:本题考到了与come搭配的短语。2册第81课(P374)第10行出现 the driver of the car came towards him. ;第94课(P426)第11行出现了come up这个短语,因此,归纳与come相搭配的短语自然成为课文扩展内容的必要部分。come about表示 发生,产生 ,本题答案选C也就不言而喻了。

  26、The building around the corner caught fire last night. The police are now ____ the matter.

  A. seeing through B. working out C. looking into D. watching over

  解析:本题答案C .looking into 属于 look 短语归纳小结部分内容,第37课(P172)难点讲解中对look的用法进行了详尽的总结,是我们课堂的重要内容之一了。look into表示 对 进行调查 ,为正确选项。

  27、As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village ____ scenes of my childhood.

  A. called up B. called for C. called on D. called in

  解析:第6课(P32)倒数第二句中出现call at,及第34课(P160)难点讲解中对call和相关词组总结都表明了此单词的重要性,所以答案A符合题意,call up在这里表示 唤起 的意思。

  28、Although the wind has ____, the rain remains steady, so you still need a raincoat.

  A. turned up B. gone back C. died down D. blown out

  解析:第49课(P232)第6行中blow up的出现,使对此单词的联想扩展成为课堂必讲内容之一,所以 die down及blow out便不得不与blow up进行对比记忆了,但是我们通常说blow sth out,所以答案选C。

  29、 I was wondering if we could go skiing on the weekend.


  A. Sound B. Sounded C. Sounding D. Sounds

  解析:关于sound, look, smell, task, feel 等感官系动词的用法早在第61课第三句 He looks ill 时,老师便在课堂上进行生动地扩展、讲解。答案D便呼之欲出了,属于系表结构。

  30、I m certain David s told you his business troubles.____, it s no secret that he owes a lot of money to the bank.

  A. However B. Anyway C. Therefore D. Though

  解析:本题考点侧重于让步状语的连词及副词的掌握情况,而二册第38课(P174)第5行讲到even though引导的让步状语从句,且第43课(P196)难点讲解at any rate的用法时,老师都会对让步状语的用法进行反复归纳总结。B便是唯一符合题意的答案了,表示 不管怎么样 。同时A、C、D也分别在第25课和88课讲解过了。

  31、_____fired, your health care and other benefits will not be immediately cut off.

  A . Would you be B. Should you be C. Could you be D. Might you be


  32、I won t tell the student the answer to the math problem until he _____ on it for more than an hour.

  A. has been working B. will have worked C. will have been working D. had worked


  33、AIDS is said ____ the biggest health challenge to both men and women in that area over the past few years.

  A. that it is B. to be C. that it has been D. to have been

  解析:二册第58课(P268)专门对高考及四、六级不会放过的考点主语从句和不定式作主语补足语的替换进行了大量的练习和讲解,课文第一句 The ting village of Frinley is said to possess a cursed tree , 及第82课(P378)第一句 Fishermen and sailors sometimes claim to have seen monsters in the sea ,都体现了不定式一般式及完成式的重要性。答案D便不难得出了。

  34、Don t sit there ____ nothing. Come and help me with this table.

  A. do B. to do C. doing D. and doing


  35、 You know who came yesterday?

  Yao Ming? We had a basketball match.

  _____ He came and watched the game.

  A. You guessed it! B. How did you know that? C. well done! D. That was good news!