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  Growing up is not easy. Sometimes all that is need 76、

  is someone to rely on. For many years, she was Mum. 77、

  My mother was a career woman and had her own. 78、

  problems to take care of, but when I needed her, she 79、

  was always there. Her strength came from anywhere 80、

  I don t quite know, somewhere very deep. She was so

  strong that she would never break down, even while I 81、

  went to her with all my little-boy problems and shout 82、

  at her. Her strength made me stronger and gave to me 83、

  courage to try things other thought were impossible 84、

  helping hand is always stronger enough to lift you up. 85、


  解析77:对人称代词进行学习,而二册第2课(P16)对代词 it 的小结及原文第4行 It was my aunt Lucy 与本题如出一辙。所以本题应把 she 改为 it 。


  解析79:二册第16课(P74)难点讲解中出现了take care of,而problems与take care of构成动宾关系,所以错误在于添加了介词of。

  解析80:二册第39课(P143)关键句型中专门讲解了some 与any的用法及含义区别,老师在课堂上自然会扩展到由some和any所构成的一系列不定式代词及副词的用法,并且由下文的 I don t quite know 可以得出是不确指的某个地方,所以答案应将 anywhere 改为 somewhere 。

  解析81:二册第7课(P37)明确区分了时间状语连接词when, while和as 的联系与区别,老师也反复强调了 while 表动作的延续。此外,第38课(P173)第5行 even though it was still summer, it rained continually and it was often bitterly cold 也使学生掌握了even though/ if引导的让步状语从句的使用。综合上两课的知识点,不难找出错误,将while改成when或though/ if均可。

  解析82:二册第25课(P123)的关键句型详细讲解了and及其他并列连词的用法。例句:He finished lunch and went into the garden. 相对本题只是换汤不换药而已。所以在要求时态一致的情况下,将shout改为shouted是显而易见的。

  解析83:本题考点在于二册第3课(P22)的动词后接双宾语的用法,而且动词give的用法在当中学生已熟练掌握,而练习第9题 He gave his son some advice 都能够使学过新概念的同学可一目了然识别错误所在。省略 to 是理所当然的了。

  解析84:二册第5课(P28)第二行及倒数第二行出现了another与other的用法,同时第7课(P36)倒数第二行又出现了 two others opened the parcel 的句子,老师在课堂上也对other, another, else, others及more进行了详细的对比及讲解,所以本题应将other改为others。




  06年高考的完形填空20题中,除47题明确考察学生对虚拟语气的掌握情况以外,其他19题则侧重于名词、动词、介词、及副词的用法,而在这次词汇题中,如36题考dream of doing、37题的答案life、38题的答案have a picture in mind等都属于新概念一、二册中的常用词汇,所以对于在学过新概念的学员来说,本次完形填空难度系数是不高的。


  57、The audio-magazines are mainly for____.

  A. European journalists

  B. professional travelers

  C. language learners

  D. magazine collectors

  解析:A篇文章第一段中有这样一个复杂句 Designed to help you ---or your money back 本句以过去分词短语开头作为原因状语,点明此杂志的原因便是要加强读者的、词汇及文化知识点,同时,不定式 to study the language 作后置定语也突出了语言学习这一点。二册第49课(P233)及第55课(P256)分别归纳总结了分词作各种状语成分,而第58课和第59课老师也系统讲解了不定式作各种成分的功能。所以答案C便一目了然了。

  62、In the third paragraph, the author tells us that____.

  A.attention should be paid to the receivers responses

  B.one learns from what he did in the past

  C.the choice of gifts reflects one s emotional qualities

  D.one should spend more time choosing gifts

  解析:B篇文章第二段最后一句话 This can show in the gifts we select, and so can many other emotional qualities 选择本题的关键在于理解原文后半句 so can many other 这是一个so引导的倒装句,作为高考及四、六级的必考内容的倒装,老师在二册第92课(P420)作了系统讲解及归纳,而例句 He can swim and so can I 与原文极为雷同,所以答案C便轻而易举地被挑选了出来。

  64、What was the author s fist impression of the boy?

  A.He seemed to be poor and greedy.

  B.He seemed to have suffered a lot.

  C.He seemed younger than his age.

  D.He seemed good at bargaining.

  解析:C篇文章第一段第四行 Though he appeared to 此句中的让步状语从句及词汇bitterness都在二册第38课(P174)重点讲解,而选项中的suffer一词也在二册第78课(P362)中学到,所以学生一眼便能识别出bitterness和suffer属近义词考点,答案B便毫无疑问了。

  70、By comparing tomatoes raised in Britain and in Ghana, the author tries to explain that___.

  A.British tomatoes are healthier than Ghanaian ones

  B.Ghanaian tomatoes taste better than British ones

  C.Cutting down food miles may nit necessarily save fuel

  D.Protecting the environment may cost a lot of money

  解析:D篇文章第二段原文 It should be noted 此句看起来很复杂难懂,事实上正好出现在二册第58课(P268)的重点结构 主语从句之中,同时此句还难在 transported 25 miles in truck 这个分词结构中,学过二册第29课(P138)的同学对比结构便不陌生了。此外,在二册第32课(P152)之中,老师对 not so as 与 less then 的对比讲解也正好与此句的结构相吻合。答案C便可马上选出了。

  75、What is the authors purpose in writing the passage?

  A.To discuss why people like talking about weather.

  B.To encourage people to join in conversations.

  C.To persuade people to stop making noises;

  D.To explain why people keep talking.

  解析:E篇文章最后一段第一句 Those who hat to 此句表面复杂,实际上只是纸老虎,学过并且掌握了二册第28课(P136)所归纳的关系代词的定语从句,以及第55课(P256)第四行出现关系副词所引导的定语从句之后,此题便迎刃而解了,所以当然选D。